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Academic Program

Our competency-based academic program achieves that students are able to relate what they learn in school with what they see in their daily and academic life, thus developing the reasoning addressed to problem-solving and decision-making.

Competency-based education focuses on learning, not teaching, and its approach is a fundamental tool in our model of integral formation, since it promotes knowledge, self-learning, formation of intellectual abilities and, above all, the formation of virtues and values.

The aim of the educational approach by competencies is that the student applies his knowledge, skills and attitudes in different learning contexts or environments. To accomplish this, different methodologies for learning are used, for example projects, problem-based learning, design of learning environments, case resolution, among others. In all of them, the active and proactive participation of the student is indispensable, because he must show the integration of intellectual, social, personal and emotional skills.

When we speak of competency-based education, we refer to the type of teaching that helps students think, in order for them to be people of good and consequently act not only in their own profit but also in the profit of others. We assume that learning is the main responsibility of the student. We focus on projecting the student as the main protagonist and as responsible for his own learning process, guided and motivated by a trainer who may impel him to give his maximum effort to develop his potential.

Collaborative work is an essential element in our educational model, since it helps students develop skills required in an increasingly globalized society.


    Formamos personas íntegras con la habilidad de detonar su potencial, adaptarse al cambio, elegir el bien, ser felices y convertirse en los que inspirarán y transformarán el mundo que les rodea.


      ¿Cómo es el modelo pedagógico de la Red de Colegios Semper Altius?

      En la Red de Colegios Semper Altius los alumnos son protagonistas de su propio aprendizaje. Conoce nuestro modelo pedagógico y descubre cómo logramos que tus hijos conecten con sus intereses siguiendo su propio ritmo y de acuerdo a su madurez. Al guiarlos con nuestras distintas metodologías logramos que lleguen Siempre Más Alto.