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Elementary School

With our academic program called Sunrise, we give each student the tools they need to develop their full potential, helping them to successfully deal with a world that is constantly changing. Through learning by competencies, children take to their everyday life all the concepts learned in class, thus fostering the reasoning addressed to problem solution.

Our LEO y Descubro Program (“I Read and Discover”) seeks to enhance the language competencies, as established by the international standards by PISA. By reading books of different literary genres, and their accompanying activities’ booklet, our students are taught to appraise, analyze, criticize, and inquire about the texts they read. Additional to printed materials, there is a web-based platform, which supports the program by analyzing the reading speed of the user, and by providing extra material, in case the student gets more interested in any of the topics of the reading books.

The focus of the subject of Science, through the presentation of hypothesis, does not stay in a descriptive level. It is a methodology where students learn to observe Nature, to question the phenomena, and are capable to correlate cause and effect.

Learning English is not exclusive of the English language course, this language is studied immersed in several subjects, which helps to enrich the vocabulary, writing, reading and speaking skills of our students.

We offer students the opportunity to credit their skills and expertise with certifications in technology and languages.

Niños Pantalón gris, camisa de vestir blanca, corbata, saco azul, cinto, calcetín gris y zapato negro .
Niñas Jumper, polo blanca femenil, calceta larga blanca, zapato negro escolar y saco.
Niños Pantalón gris, polo blanco, cinto negro, calcetín gris y zapato negro.
Niñas Jumper, polo blanca femenil, calceta larga blanca  y zapato negro.
Primaria Inferior (Niños y Niñas) Short o pantalón para primaria inferior, playera cuello V, calcetines y tenis blancos.
Primaria Superior (Niños y Niñas) Pantalón, playera cuello V, calcetines blancos y tenis blancos.
Primaria Inferior 7:20 a.m. 14:20 hrs.
Primaria Superior 7:20 a.m. 14:20 hrs.
Futbol Femenil
Futbol Varonil
Básquet Femenil
Básquet Varonil
Tae Kwon Do Mixto
Triatlón Mixto
Atletistmo Mixto
Paddle Mixto
Gimnasia Rítmica