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Technology and Robotics


Information and Communication Technology is a part of the educational experience, and is incorporated into the curriculum as a transverse tool that supports and fosters the development of competencies of our students in other areas.

It is increasingly seen as part of the “new literacy” along with reading, writing and arithmetic. In addition to the technology program, in secondary and high school, robotics is taught. It is a subject that combines different areas such as mechanics, electronics, computer science, algebra and physics, which allows our students develop new skills and reinforces the knowledge acquired in other subjects.

For each education level, programs are designed in accordance with international standards that are seeking to develop progressively and gradually the following skills: creativity and innovation, communication and collaboration, research and information management, critical thinking, digital citizenship, problem-solving and decision-making.

This allows our students, according to their grade, to obtain different international certifications, from institutions like Cambridge University (elementary), Microsoft Office (secondary) and Adobe (high school).

In order to achieve what we mentioned above, it is essential to have highly qualified teaching staff and the necessary infrastructure. That is the reason why we require that all teachers who teach Technology subjects are certified, as well as computer rooms.

The Technology and Robotics Program helps our students to develop the skills and tools that will allow them, in the future, to outstand in the professional world.


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